Campaign Case Study: InVision

  • InVision is a distributed, 700-employee high-growth company headquartered in NYC


  • InVision does not have a full-time corporate social responsibility professional. Instead, like all RaisedBy.Us (RBU) partner companies, InVision relies on RBU to power its workplace philanthropy efforts


  • In a recent RBU giving campaign, the company achieved 61% participation and raised $161,000+ for 359 different charities


1) RBU assembled 12 Ambassadors -- motivated internal champions -- to agree on goals, timeline and events for the campaign

2) RBU created an Ambassador Slack channel. RBU staff used this channel throughout the campaign to answer questions, motivate internal volunteers and provide updates on participation



3) Throughout the campaign, RBU organized daily “lunch-and-learns.” At these events, Ambassadors presented to coworkers about causes that are important to them


4) RBU campaign catalyzed organic charity chatter in #team channel of ~550 employees


5) RBU asked InVision employees, after participation, to change their Slack icons to show participation and create virality

6) Each day, RBU shared an updated giving thermometer. The visual utilized the Slack icon for participation



7) At the end of the campaign, RBU provided senior leadership with a customized update email to send to the entire company

8) RBU and InVision Ambassadors created a “We Are The World” themed video for the last day of the campaign



InVision meaningfully beat their campaign goals

  • Total raised from campaign: $122,654 (vs. $100,000 goal)

  • Overall InVision participation: 70% (vs. 50% goal)

Because of the RBU program, InVision participants polled indicated they:

  • Gave more to charity in 2017

  • Were happier at work

  • Felt more connected to their colleagues

Aaron Headshot.jpg
“As part of our RaisedBy.Us campaign... I was able to tell the story of both my family -- including my youngest daughter who we adopted from the Democratic Republic of Congo-- and Giving Back to Africa (GBA), the organization we support as a way to invest in the future of Congolese youth… Not only did I raise support for GBA, but in the following months, as I met more people, many would say they felt like they already knew me and felt connected to me because of hearing my story."
Aaron Lerch, Engineering Manager, InVision