Charitable Donations and Drives

Through its technology partners, RaisedBy.Us enables employees to give directly to over 1 million charities

  • Manages for your company all financial aspects of employee giving including receipt of funds and distribution to the hundreds of specific charities

  • Makes it easy for your company to create its own “fund” – similar to a mutual fund
    • For example, your company would create a fund which would include favorite causes

    • Employees give to the fund and have their donation split
  • Gives your company the option of crediting employees with donation money
    • For example, your company could put $50 in the accounts of new employees, or give gifts during the holiday season, or reward high performers


RaisedBy.Us also facilitates the crucial programming and events in-office to inspire employee participation in giving and culture building

  • RaisedBy.Us runs two-week in-office giving campaigns, ensuring participation across the company.
    • During these campaigns, RaisedBy.Us “gamifies” giving, creating participation competitions between internal teams and externally between companies.
    • RaisedBy.Us also organizes “lunch-and-learns,” Slack campaigns (see left), and other events for employees to share their charity stories.
  • Also, RaisedBy.Us creates quick response "playbooks" to equip employees after humanitarian crises, natural disasters, and other catalysts for giving back.