We help you implement and execute CSR programs at your company

Workplace social giving programs are offered by 65% of Fortune 500 companies. RaisedBy.Us brings this big company benefit to every company regardless of size.

Source: Double the Donation, LLC

Why is csr good for business?

  • Increases employee productivity by up to 13%
  • Reduces employee turnover by up to 50%
  • Increases employee engagement up to 7.5%

Source: IO Sustainability, LLC & Lewis Institute for Social Innovation at Babson College


Programs we offer

charitable donations

  • We offer a plug-and-play platform that enables employees to easily sign up and donate to any charity of their choice
  • We manage pledge drives within your company to ensure participation


  • We enable your employees to find volunteering opportunities and track time spent giving back
  • We create custom volunteer experiences catering to your company's needs

Community Building

  • We host skills-focused events for Ambassadors within your company that equip them to create a culture of giving
  • We curate fun and impact-driven events that bring together employees across our partner companies to give back

Charitable Donations

Our giving program allows your employees to give to over 1 million non-profits in the US

The RaisedBy.Us giving program is powered by our technology partner Bright Funds.

The giving program:

  • Manages for your company all financial aspects of employee giving including receipt of funds and distribution to the hundreds of specific charities

  • Makes it easy for your company to create its own “fund” – similar to a mutual fund
    • For example, your company would create a fund which would include favorite causes
    • Employees give to the fund and have their donation split
  • Gives your company the option of crediting employees with donation money
    • For example, your company could put $50 in the Bright Funds accounts of new employees, or give gifts during the holiday season, or reward high performers

How the Giving Program Works


Step 1

Employees receive sign-up messaging from their own companies (rather than many different charities)


Step 2

Employees choose a cause (charity) and then donate via credit card on our partner’s platform


Step 3

Funds are distributed to selected charities


Giving Program Drives

We manage pledge drives within your company to ensure participation


Employees who volunteer are twice as likely to donate to charity

(source: Corporation for National & Community Service)

We encourage and facilitate volunteerism with the following:

  1. Curated volunteerism both in and out of your offices
  2. Monthly newsletter with opportunities across NYC
  3. Ad-hoc consulting to connect people and their companies with nonprofits that need help or support

Community Building

We bring companies together to give back and have a good time

Some recent examples include:

  • Winter Accessories Drive for Care for the Homeless
  • Charity dodgeball tournament
  • CEO dinners focused on giving back, hosted by RaisedBy.Us Board Members