How It Works

High growth and emerging companies join the RaisedBy.Us program.

Through a combination of three components, the RaisedBy.Us program mimics the role of an internal CSR team at a larger company.

1) Charitable Donations and Drives

Through its technology partners, RaisedBy.Us enables employees to give directly to over 1 million charities. RaisedBy.Us also facilitates the crucial programming and events in-office to inspire employee participation in giving and culture building. 

2) Employee Volunteerism

RaisedBy.Us surfaces small group volunteer opportunities for partner companies based on company need and preference. RaisedBy.Us also curates days-of-service for all partner company employees to volunteer together on the same day.

3) Community Building

RaisedBy.Us brings employees together across companies within its program through program-wide 1) quarterly weeks of volunteerism, 2) in-kind donation drives and 3) quarterly fun events.

Mobilizing employees

Ambassadors are volunteers at the workplace who help get the word out about the program.

The RaisedBy.Us staff are a full-time, workplace philanthropy resource. RaisedBy.Us staff help partner companies execute giving campaigns, surface and hold volunteer opportunities, and build community across partner companies.

But in order to create a more effective "social nudge," the RaisedBy.Us staff rely on partner company "Ambassadors" to inspire their coworkers. They are our workplace champions, central to ensuring the messaging and activities are in keeping with partner company culture. After all, aren't you more likely to do something when someone you know is doing it, too? .

Workplace philanthropy, from beginning to end

No matter what stage your workplace philanthropy program, RaisedBy.Us has a process to make it amazing.