Get Up To Good NYC 2023

The venture community is giving back.
By Raised By Us

Join us on November 2nd

Join us on November 2nd

Co-hosted by Lerer Hippeau

When: Thursday, November 2nd

What: High-impact volunteering

Where: Pop-up activities all over NYC

Why: Team-build with your colleagues and help our city thrive

Who: Venture and emerging companies & NYC's highest impact nonprofits

2/3 of employees think their company isn't doing enough to address global issues. Join us to make sure you're not a statistic.

The Causes

The Opportunities

🌳 Revitalize tree beds with compost

Help make New York green! Learn about the lifecycle of food scraps and yard waste while revitalizing tree beds with compost application.

🛍️ Assemble care packs for LGBTQ+ youth facing homelessness

Volunteers are needed to support the procurement and the assembly of snack bags for youth visiting a Drop In Center.

🔭 Build adaptive equipment for students with disabilities

Volunteers will leave with a deeper understanding of how affordable materials, simple tools, and your own creativity can generate solutions that make a difference for people with disabilities.

💡 Empower Black entrepreneurs in business development coaching sessions

Lend your expertise for entrepreneurs early in their journey building their companies. Pair up with other volunteers to listen and provide feedback to members eager to build their businesses.

🍽️ Deliver meals to elders in isolation

Lend a hand in the fight against elder hunger! Volunteers will work in smaller groups of 2-3 people to deliver meals to recipients who live within walking distance of the meal center.

The Benefits

Get out of the office, bond with your team, network with colleagues, and give back to your community - all at once.

Support RBU's network of nonprofit partners that are on the front lines of helping make NYC more sustainable, equitable, and inclusive.

All you have to do is sign up - RBU handles the rest! Volunteering has never been easier or more impactful.

Join Us

Interested in doing good with us? Pre-register here.
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