Unlocking culture and philanthropy in the workplace

RaisedBy.Us, a not-for-profit organization, enables social good through employee giving, volunteerism and community events.


Our Impact

$3 million pledged to thousands of different causes

Workplace culture: participants are more connected to colleagues and are happier at work

30% average employee participation (3x industry average)

Every $1 into the program = $7+ in impact for nonprofit sector


Our Partners


Ben Lerer, CEO - Group Nine

"RaisedBy.Us and Bright Funds are great partners for Group Nine because we employ such a diverse group of people. This program gives everyone the opportunity to give back to the organization of their choice in a really convenient and easy way."


Katia Beauchamp, CEO - Birchbox

"A great workplace helps people develop to become the best version of themselves, and the most meaningful personal attribute we can develop is our generosity."


Andy Dunn, CEO - Bonobos

"Human psychology 101 is that giving is as much a gift for the giver as the recipient. Simon Kirk from RaisedBy.Us is so inspiring that I joined his board, and I'm humbled at the interest from the team at Bonobos in giving back."


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